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Our core values


At our program we have an overwhelming desire to shape the talents, skills, and hobbies that we discover in participants into a livable career path. We equip each client with the necessary tools to achieve success through independence.


New Options is a program that emanates perseverance. From our participants to the CEO, every individual involved in our program is encouraged to persevere and push through the obstacles thrown at them.  


At New Options, we believe in innovation. We know innovation is critical for the development of ideas and growth, so we strive to be a company that encourages movement and change. 


Our program thrives on creativity in every area of operation; we pride ourselves on being a company that encourages imagination. 


New Options yearns to give people a purpose and to encourage people to not be stagnant. We push the limits to shape our participants and staff into driven, inspired people.

New Options Logo

To our participants we pledge to provide the highest quality service, honest and objective assessments and recommendations, commitment to your success, and assistance toward your goal of independence.

To our referral partners we pledge to provide timely and honest feedback, to be a part of the participant's team and not just a service provider, to provide achievable and objective time tables for participant goals, and to provide only necessary and relevant services for a reasonable cost for as long as our services are beneficial to the participant.

To our business partners we pledge to communicate openly and thoroughly about participant abilities as well as their barriers, to provide well trained, extremely loyal, and committed individuals who can provide stability to your current workforce, to assist your company in understanding the abilities these participants bring that can contribute to your success, to provide resources to you that will help increase your staff's awareness and acceptance of diversity.

To our community we pledge to provide ongoing education and awareness concerning true acceptance and integration of people with developmental disabilities into the fabric of our society, and to assist our community in its commitment to diversity.

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