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New Options Client Successes is a Facebook group for the people who love our clients to stay updated with what's going on with their job training & with their small businesses. We'll share updates and successes, so that we can all encourage these wonderful individuals as they dream, discover, develop, and succeed!


"I cannot begin to say what New Options has done for my son Michael and our family. New Options has given Michael the opportunity to live up to his potential by giving him the chance of a lifetime to start his own business. This program and stuff have allowed my son to build his self-confidence and believe in himself. They give him the guidance that he needs to assist him with persevering any challenges that come his way, which has helped build his self-esteem and to recognize that he can achieve anything that comes his way. 

As for the staff, the coaches are excellent people with beautiful hearts. They have patience and understanding with the clients and they are reliable. In addition, the coaches are loving, caring, and a whole lot of fun. They are dedicated when working with my son and other clients. Michael loves each and everyone of the coaches and staff. There is never a day where he doesn’t speak highly of them. Additionally, the coaches teach my son all the necessary aspects of having and running his own business. As for the organization, this program is structured, organized, and on point. The administration is on top of everything that goes on for each of their clients, and they go beyond their job descriptions to make sure all their clients are taken care of. There are not enough words to say to speak highly of this program and staff. They work tirelessly for every single client that walks through their doors who is part of the New Options program. They are all amazing and a blessing to not only my son but my family."


- Howaida Girgis, New Options Parent 

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