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Are you a business owner, executive, or hiring manager in or around Bakersfield?

Did you know that individuals with developmental disabilities could be a great asset to your team?

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As of December 2020, only 33.2% of persons with disabilities of working age (16-64) are participating in the labor force.(1) Many individuals with developmental disabilities desire to obtain steady employment but find it difficult to secure a job, whether due to lack of training, stigma against people with disabilities in the workplace,(2) or a general lack of support.(3) 


At New Options, we believe that all people are capable of gaining meaningful employment and contributing to their community.


Research shows that individuals with developmental disabilities can meaningfully contribute to their place of employment by consistently excelling at much-needed routine duties, increasing the engagement level and moral of the company, and raising the standard of work ethic for the entire staff.(4) 

With the support of organizations like New Options, people with disabilities can excel in their workplaces. 


For example, recent studies have also shown that individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) with employment support have impressive job retention rates: up to 75% will retain their first job for over 18 months. It is suggested that a desire for consistency and a natural attention to detail may make for an excellent employee.(3)


If you are looking to diversify your labor force, move toward a more inclusive company culture, and raise the moral of your staff, please consider partnering with New Options to provide employment opportunities for our participants.


Contact Mike Butler at (661)379-6777 for more information.

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