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New Options provides small business development services and employment readiness and placement services with commitment, integrity, honesty, and passion. 

Who we are

Our Customized Employment Solutions (CES) program is designed to assist participants referred by Kern Regional Center in choosing, obtaining, and maintaining self or community employment. We work with participants to identify and discover their vocational goals and abilities, while keeping in mind their social, psychological, communication, environmental, and medical needs. All of this is considered when creating a plan for employment, whether through the development of their own small business/micro enterprise or through a customized employment deployment process. 


New Options has the experience to ensure the highest quality services to our participants. Along with a diverse background in both business management and entrepreneurial ownership in the Bakersfield community, the staff at New Options has had tremendous success in turning around and managing numerous programs providing services for people with disabilities including customized employment.


Our employees have a diverse array of skills in business, branding, and marketing and are uniquely positioned to assist our participants who choose to start their own small businesses. We walk alongside our participants throughout the entire process: ensuring the creation of a relevant business and brand, helping our participants market their businesses, and celebrating their successes!


At New Options, we are committed to helping participants navigate the process of creating a successful business or finding employment that suits their needs. We’ve identified the skills and materials necessary for success, and broken them down into four Phases: Discover, Dream, Develop, and Succeed. 

Each phase builds on the material covered in the phase before, and has specific objectives, tasks, and graduation requirements. Each client will move through the phases at their own pace, and we strive to make the program work for the individual client’s goals and abilities.

We believe that all people have the capacity to Discover, Dream, Develop, and Succeed, and we want to help everyone who walks in our doors to do just that. That is why we've developed personal development, business, and employment curriculums that we pair with intentional one-on-one coaching and collaborative workspaces to inspire vocational success.


Learning Without Limits

Learning without Limits is a curriculum designed to ensure every client receives adequate training on subjects to support their knowledge of the professional world.  This course is taught by trained professionals, and covers subjects such as a healthy work environment, soft skills, professionalism, community resources, budgeting, and financial training enhance the client’s knowledge and understanding of business and employment. Learning without Limits is conducted alongside the Discover Phase, and Learning without Limits: Business is used throughout micro-enterprise development. 

Discover Phase

In the Discover Phase, we take the time to really get to know our participants and their natural support systems, and discover their unique skills, interests, and abilities. We will discover vocational themes that help the participant find an employment or business path that will allow the participant to thrive. Participants are encouraged to explore what success may look like for them, unhindered by low societal expectations.

Dream Phase

The Dream Phase is all about finding the path that best fits the individual participant. For those seeking employment, this phase is when we help the participant decide the type of job that would allow them the most success. For our entrepreneurial participants, the Dream Phase is a time for them to dream up a business idea, complete market research, and begin to brand their new business.

Develop Phase

Once the participant has discovered their vocational path of choice, it's time to develop it. At the end of the Develop Phase, our employment-focused participants will have found a suitable job, and our business-focused participants will have a fully branded business with a product or service that is ready to be launched.

Succeed Phase

At New Options, we are committed to support our participants until they obtain independence in their job or business. The Succeed Phase is where we encourage participants to meet the following objectives:

Business Objectives

  • Participant has a fully developed business and can successfully run the daily operations at a reasonable level of independence

  • Participant can sell their business with a captivating elevator pitch and is proficient in customer service

  • Participant understands business basics (vocabulary and relevant processes)

  • Sales are consistent and marketing plans are stable and successful


Employment Objectives

  • Participant consistently proves to be a good employee (shows up on time, is respectful, completes tasks, etc)

  • Participant can successfully maintain employment independently

  • Participant is able to maintain healthy relationships with coworkers and supervisors

Service Model
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